Animal spirit totems are used in Urban Myths as metaphors. Through many cultures, religions, and spiritual beliefs, animals have played a significant role. Animal totems are used as a tool to connect spiritual symbols that reflect our own path of self-awareness.
Pay close attention to any animals you see that stands out beyond the norm. You may feel a spiritual or self-aware connection as this animal comes into view. These spirit totems are meant to be seen; they come into your life when it's most needed. When this happens, search the specific animal spirit totem to read the message brought to you.

The wolf is the true spirit of freedom and unspoiled wilderness, in some tribes it is their greatest teacher. The wolf teaches family, forgiving, trust, intimacy, and love. You can learn about community, selflessness, generosity, and to trust your instincts. When the wolf shows up in your life, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.

Shiloh (as pictured) was casted to represent the "light" and "teacher". The teacher that is symbolized by the wolf, stands for the hunted to trust their instincts.

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Two additional four-legged cast members are Miranda "Randi", and Jahzara as herself. They were symbols within Urban Myths.

The Dog is known for its faithfulness and protection. Their descendants from the coyote and wolf. Different dogs will mean different things, so it's important to examine the qualities of your breed and individual dogs' personality. How does it behave most of the time? What does this say about you?

Our animals can tell us so much. Most Native American tribes had dogs for protections. Dogs have had a symbolic importance in other societies as well, such as in early Christianity in which it was a symbol for guardianship. In india the dog represented all caste systems, reflecting the small becoming great. In Greece, it was a companion and guardian to the place of the dead. It takes a lot to break a dog's spirit.

Jahzara is a Tibetian Terrier. Here is a myth about this beautiful breed, also known as "Little People." The Tibetan Terrior's history is as mysterious as the valleys and mountains where it originated. It was developed nearly two centuries ago in Lamaist monasteries. The dogs were treated as family companions and not as workers, but occasionally they helped in herding and other farm tasks. Known to be holy dogs or "luck bringers", the breed's history is regarded as a myth.

One story asserts that a chief route to a valley was obstructed due to an earthquake in the 1200s. Just a handful of visitors journeyed to the "Lost Valley", and they were given a luck-bringer dog to aid them in their return. These dogs were not sold, as they brought luck but were presented as special tokens of gratefulness.


In some ancient cultures, the crow is depicted as a guide carrying departed souls into the Afterlife. With the ability to transverse through the spirit realms, the appearance of a crow may prompt you to use or tap into your sixth sense. This bird is is a powerful symbol representing the changes in life cycles, which is why it is closely tied to life and, more ominously, death. Today, the crow is a symbol for change; it brings a message of "passing away" of the old and the birth of something new. Crows are also a message of guidance. Paying attention to your thoughts and the omens presented around you will grant clarity of the message. The crow is also a symbol for the power of insight. Seeing the bird depicts a sense of foretelling, determination, and fearlessness.